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What is Mioozik?

Mioozik is a service that allows you to create and manage an EPK online.

What is an EPK?
An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is a digital package of promotional material designed to promote a project or an artist.
It brings together your professional CV and your business card in one place.
An EPK isn't a tool for fans like a Facebook or Instagram account can be, it's an exclusive media for industry professionals to easily access and review your work.

With Mioozik:
  Create a professional EPK in just a few clicks with an optimized web template.
  Centralize your best content and present it in a powerful way.
  Boost your visibility and seize new professional opportunities.
  Simplify the management of your online presence by creating your artist website from your EPK.

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Available Offers

Miooziker of the Month : Negen Musik


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Mioozik is a service provided by WVE
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